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  • Meyer, Lukas; Roser, Dominic (2009): Enough for the future. In: Gosseries, Axel; Meyer, Lukas (eds.): Intergenerational Justice, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 219-248.
  • Meyer, Lukas; Stelzer, Harald (2018): Risk-averse sufficientarianism. The imposition of risks of rights-violations in the context of climate change. Ethical Perspectives 25 (3), 447-470.
  • Meyer, Lukas; Pölzler, Thomas (forthcoming): Basic needs and sufficiency: The foundations of intergenerational justice. In: Gardiner, Stephen (ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Inter-generational Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Petz, Daniel (2018): Protecting the Future: Capability Sufficientarianism as a Theory of Intergenerational Justice in the Context of Climate Change. University of Graz: PhD Thesis.

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